User Testing on Emotion and Language development

April 11, Sunday

Hey Allen!


Its Friday, what are you doing and feeling?

Please fill in the blanks with phrases or single words.


I am feeling  (A) __excited______________today because


( C) “ I am going to see the flowers today and I never saw a flower before and having someone to see the flower with me makes me more interested in seeing it”_______________(write any reason).

Thank you!


Choose 1 sentence to complete


(A) Adjective – Describe why you feel this  (A) Adjective in details I never saw a lot of flowers before and I thought that will be interesting.


List some of your thoughts about these feelings and about this reason ( C).
“My thoughts are that I will be excited about something that I never saw before.”


Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.11.10 PM

April 16, Wednesday

Hi Allen!


1. Pick 2-3 subjects below you want to write about.

school, food


2. Select an emotion to the subjects selected.


nervous, content


3. Describe your Wednesday regarding those subjects and emotions.  (Minimum one sentence each!)


School- I felt nervous before the test even started




Social Activities-


Food- I felt content that they had good food, better than the high school cafeteria.

Important Events