Been There, Done That.

Joseph Saavedra’s project Citizen Sensor, is a wearable piece that records data about a user’s environment, i.e. pollution via the phone, and displays it on the web so that the user can visualize, share, analyze and discuss their data with their community or even from around the world. I’m fascinated by the idea of big data treated almost as an open source product in which you can choose to share or privatize. Similarly to my Palestine’s State major studio project, where I parsed tweets of violent key words from their data base, and displayed it on a map of the West Bank and specifically around the Palestinian villages to showcase how eventually, these territories will deteriorate from this aggression. 

Connor’s project Rob3115 is an interactive graphic novel that is influenced by the reader’s brainwaves. Emotichat by Decho Pitukcharoen uses computer vision, facial recognition and biological data technologies to “enrich” the chatroom experience by changing the typography and animations of the words. Mixed Reality Living Spaces by Bernardo Schorr reimagines the way humans would live in a 100 square feet space by immersing users in different augmented environments. I found all these projects really appealing because I see the potential of tracking emotions and moods, and having your environment change based on your mood. The goal of this potential thesis idea is to improve behavior and mood based on an augmented environment. Hilal Koyuncu’s project is similar in a sense where sensors are attached to the user, and physical objects are affected by the user’s haptic feedback. 


1. Citizen Sensor // Joseph Saavedra

2. Rob3115 //  Connor Russomanno

3. Liminoids // Hilal Koyuncu

4. Emotichat // Decho Pitukcharoen

5. Mixed Reality Living Spaces// Bernardo Schorr




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